6 Rock Songs That Feature Harmonica: Songs by Poison, U2, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams
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6 Rock Songs That Feature Harmonica: Songs by Poison, U2, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams

This article features info and videos of 6 rock songs whose music include harmonica. The songs are from Poison, Bryan Adams, U2 and Bon Jovi.
          How do you like your rock instruments? It goes without saying that all great rock songs feature lots of guitar and drums. But how about harmonica? Some songs become more fun with the addition of this instrument. It is most often played by the singer. And harmonica-featuring rock songs are perfect for dancing. Here some of the most upbeat rock numbers featuring the fun instrument:

Poison - Poor Boy Blues

Image via g-ecx.image amazon.com

This is a song from the 1990 Poison album Flesh and Blood. It produced many popular songs. While Poor Boy Blues isn’t the most famous Poison track ever, it is one of the most entertaining. Its mood is also very contrary to the word “blues” it carries in the title.

Poison - Bastard Son of a Thousand Blues

Image via www.sleazeroxx.com

This one is featured in the 1993 album Native Tongue .The album is a successful combination of glam, classic rock, rock n’ roll and blues. The album features 15 songs. It is mostly upbeat and fast. The blues effect is mostly felt in the last song of the track.

Bon Jovi- Love For Sale

Image from: http://www.theemptydream.it

Love for Sale is from the 4th Bon Jovi album New Jersey. New Jersey came out in 1988. It is no surprise that the band chose this name for the album as the members are from New Jersey. Plus, Jon Bon Jovi’s favorite musician is Bruce Springsteen, who is also from Jersey. The album produced the big hits Bad Medicine, Lay your hands on me and I’ll be there for you. However Love for Sale is a song with a sense of humor and is a favorite of the band’s to play live. The song was also included Bon Jovi’s 2003 album This Left Feels Right. While Bon Jovi never officially released an MTV unplugged album, the album follows the unplugged fashion to the core. The first video is from a studio performance during the Keep The Faith years and the second is a 2002 recording.

Bryan Adams- Do to You

Image from http://www.viggo-mortensen.cz/

This Bryan Adams song is from the 18 Till I die album, released in 1996. It is the second track, right after the hit The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is You. As you can imagine from the title, it is not a very romantic song and it is also featured (with lyrics) in my Bryan Adams' Dirtiest Songs: 4 Fast and Non-Romantic Songs by Bryan Adams factoidz. The track or the video isn’t available youtube, but you can find it on Bryan Adams’s site and get a feel for the song there.

What I like about you- Poison- The Romantics cover

Image from http://991.com/newGallery/

This song is a cover of the hit Romantics song What I like about you. True to the Poison spirit, it has more electric guitar and more harmonica. The original can be found in The Romantics album, released in 1979. The Poison version is on the 2007’s Poison album, very appropriately called Poison’d.

U2 - Desire

Image via http://mostpopularunpopular.files.wordpress.com

U2 has been founded in 1976, Ireland and it has made one best-selling album after another. While lead singer Bono’s political causes and intentions sometimes outshadow the bands’ touring schedules and musical identity, the band never stopped writing good music. If you are more into classic or glam rock, u2 may not always be your cup of tea. But this song is a true rocknroll/blues combination that has some rocking tunes played on the harmonica. The song is from the Rattle and Hum album, released in 1988.

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Comments (7)

never really thought about other instruments! I think they should feature one with a didgeridoo! add a bit of Rolf Harris to the mix! what do you think???

good song choices

@lisa: Why not? The Unplugged concerts remind us how rich rock music can get. But my favorite addition to fast guitar riffs and great drum solos, is piano and harmonica. Now that's a feast for the ears! @thanks, carol.

Ranked #4 in Music & Musicians

Very interesting read. A few Bob Dylan tracks could be added. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for the suggestion, Michael. I'd love to hear your Bob Dylan harmonica favorites so they could be on my following articles:)

I'm not familiar with them.. except for Bon Jovi. Great article!

Thanks, Charlene. I absolutely love rocknroll and the addition of harmonica. And Bon Jovi is my favorite band.