Charlotte, NC Hip-Hop Artist, Ghani Gautama Channels Native American Documentaries, Whiskey, and Social Issues for His Newest EP
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Charlotte, NC Hip-Hop Artist, Ghani Gautama Channels Native American Documentaries, Whiskey, and Social Issues for His Newest EP

This is an article about Ghani Gautama, a hip-hop artist from Charlotte, NC who is influenced by Native American culture and society, rather than the money, cars, clothes, and women the majority of rappers talk about. You will not hear him on mainstream radio, and you will not see him make the next big dance, but you will get to listen to someone who enjoys speaking his mind on various issues.

Ghani Gautama, a rapper from Charlotte, NC, a city not exactly known for a strong rap scene has turned some heads with interesting subject matter in his music, as well as in his blogs on his website.  As opposed to the typical lyrics you would hear on the radio, Ghani Gautama draws influences from issues we deal with as a society.   He also draws from a unique influence, with his interest in Native American documentaries, like he did on his latest solo EP, Strong Medicine, He applies the term "Strong Medicine" to life in general.  Ghani said the Algonquin tribe coined the term "Strong Medicine" as a meaning for something that possesses charisma, which most hip hop artists display.  Ghani Gautama applied that term to the social messages he typically displays in his music, although his latest endeavor was a little more lighthearted and fun to work on than his previous work.  

He is someone who appreciates many styles of hip-hop and music in general.  While his style will cater to underground rap fans, backpackers, and not your typical thirteen year old girl who only listens to rap music if it is on your local top 40 station, he is not someone who is "anti-mainstream".  In fact, he has embraced many southern rap artists over the past 15 years.  He is not somebody looking to top the billboard charts or get signed to a major label, since with his style of music, and the safe sellers radio and major labels look for, he would rather spread his message by applying modern DIY methods.  He would like to achieve the success of a group like Atmosphere, who has a huge following all over the world, but at the same time, they are a group you will not hear on a typical Clear Channel radio station.  Ghani Gautama has been rapping for well over ten years as a solo artist and in various groups.  

Ghani Gautama had a regular session for a little while called "Whiskey Wednesdays" on his website.  Every Wednesday he would sip on one of his favorite brands of whiskey and go over new tracks for "Strong Medicine", which has since been released.  He has also called whiskey one of the types of "Strong Medicine" he discusses.  

Ghani also said "Strong Medicine" can relate to the healthcare debates and general health in the United States right now.  From the obesity rate climbing at an alarming rate, along with Mayor Bloomberg's controversial big soda ban, to the constant talk about President Obama's Healthcare plans, to the current Medicare debate with Mitt Romney introducing Paul Ryan as his running mate, to constant tobacco debates, to the push for marijuana legalization, and many more situations, it seems like everything currently has something to do with medicine. 

Ghani Gautama has a very approachable personality, which he displays in his writings.  You can tell he does a lot of research and enjoys reading.  Occasionally, he comes off as angry, but he sounds more like a comedian in his occasional outbursts, like when he talks about rappers he wanted to like, but ended up hating.  He has been a big part in helping to build a growing hip-hop scene in Charlotte, which often spills out into cities like Asheville and Raleigh.  He also has a large amount of fans in his home state of West Virginia, where he performs every year.  

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