Elton John:Music Review
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Elton John:Music Review

an article about Elton John.

Elton John is a brilliant singer-songwriter with numerous number one hits under his belt. His songs are some of my favorites are in his catalog. Tiny Dancer is my favorite Elton John song. It is the main theme of the film, "Almost Famous."The scene where Kate Hudson is my favorite scene in the film.  This was my favorite Elton John song as a child, because of the line "Tiny Dancer in my Hand." It just felt very hippie-inspired, and I am obsessed with the '60's.

Benny and the Jets was written in 1974. I think the song it talking about the fakes sides of being a musician, and just the industry. In pop culture, it does seem like what we read in a magazine is more important than if the person has actual talent or ability. This song is just really fun to sing to, and I have definately gotten the lyrics  wrong a time or two. I also like that it again has that groupie feeling to it, because I am an Elton John fan so it is nice to know that he has embraced a fictional side of that.

Rocket Man was released in 1972. This song always makes me feel so melancholy, because he is leaving his family to do his job which can often be unsafe. This song also reminds me of all people who have to leave their families and are often in harm's way. I just think it is so depressing, but I embrace that in art.

Candle in the Wind is another depressing song. It was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and then by Princess Diana's unexpected death in a car crash. I think the song is haunting, and I love it so much even though it is sad. It is a beautiful tribute to both people. 

Your Song is a simple song about giving someone you love a song as a gift. There are always people in our lives that make our worlds better because they are indeed in the world. I love this song for its lyrical simplicity.

Elton John is a timeless artist who allows me to go to a place that I will never be able to see. I was born in 1980's but when I listen to Elton he allows to feel like I belong to a time that seems closer to me, than it should. I appreciate his musicianship, his art, and the way his heart bleeds whenever he sings. He will always be a great artist, and songs will last forever and always.

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Comments (4)

In respect to Bernie Taupin, Elton John is a melody writer, not a songwriter.

Thank you for this Theresa, like/retweet/buzz

Great piece! I think we share music opinions, if you can review my music sometime in a Factoidz I would be glad to promote it on my qw website! http://dannyhauger.com/index.php?p=1_5_Music - Cheers!

Danny: I would love to review your music. Is there any way you can send me a CD?