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Facts About Luke Bryan Country Music Artist

Get to know Luke Bryan with these facts about the amazing country music artist.

Luke Bryan has been around the country music business for awhile now, but he is just starting to get his name out there to all of the fans. Get to know all about Luke Bryan with these facts.

  • Luke recorded an episode of "CMT Crossroads" where he performs his songs along with the songs of the Doobie Brothers with them.
  • "All My Friends Say" was the name of his first single. This song is all about a guy getting a bit too drunk after he runs into his ex at the bar.
  • Luke has been known to throw a beer into the audience during his spring break concerts, but was told that he shouldn't do this anymore for safety reasons.
  • He is also an amazing songwriter. He helped write "Good Directions" by Billy Currington.
  • Luke got a guitar at the age of 14. He used to play all of the small bars in his area.
  • He is from Leesburg, Georgia. It is a small town. This is one reason Luke loves to perform concerts in small areas that would not normally get a concert.
  • Luke's wife is named Caroline. They have two sons together.
  • He lost his brother in a car wreck which kept him from moving to Nashville right away.
  • "Rain is a Good Thing" was the first song that Luke had hit #1.
  • Luke performed his song "Country Girl Shake it for Me" on the 2011 CMT Country Music Awards.
  • He will be headlining the CMT tour in the year 2011.
  • When Luke won his first award, he ran to the stage and threw his jacket off into the audience.
  • In 2010, Luke won the CMT Music Award for USA Weekend Breakthrough Video of the Year.
  • His dad was a peanut farmer.
  • Luke has spent time touring with Trace Adkins and Kenny Chesney.
  • He loves to do a big spring break concert at Daytona Beach. People come from around the world to see this one.
  • Luke looks great in a baseball cap forward or backward.
  • He loves to go fishing.
  • He went to Georgia Southern University. After he graduated, he went to work for his dad on the farm before actually being convinced to follow his dreams and move to Nashville.
  • Luke was only in Nashville for 2 months before he got a recording contract.

Sources: CMT, Facebook, GAC

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Comments (2)

This is wonderful Mandy, I learned a lot about this artist, thanks!

Ranked #26 in Music & Musicians

Another excellent article on a country artist. Country is my absolute favorite so I really enjoy reading about country artists. Well done.