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Five Epica Videos on Youtube That Will Kick Your Butt

Hailing from the Netherlands, Epica is destined to be AmericaÂ’s favorite Symphonic Metal bands ever. Tarja (lead vocals) and band-mates present all the fire

Hailing from the Netherlands, Epica is destined to be America’s favorite Symphonic Metal band ever. Simone (lead vocals) and band-mates present all the fire, energy, and strength of powerful metal style music into accord with beauty, grace, and a classical opera-trained voice on one of the loveliest faces in the world.

The music these good people produce, for our listening enjoyment is soul-stirring to say the least. Investigating the band led the author to discover music written on topics such as self-responsibility, tossing destructive people out of lives, and onto ears, as well as the very strength of those things beautiful, like love itself.

My readers are great folks, and as such, deserve to be brought not just good musicians, but “event-level” talent. You can bet your sweet bippy I asked them for an interview. Please, my friends reading here today, help me encourage the group Epica to let me interview them via email in the comments below. They need references. Please? Thank you.

Five Epica Videos on YouTube That Will Kick Your Butt - Butt Kicking Number One:

"Never Enough" -

Our first butt-kicking from Epica takes listeners down the “relationship” road. But, this song doesn’t read as a “boo-hoo,” or “Dear John” letter, It’s more of a “Why don’t you go jump in the lake,” sorta tune-job done here. Rock all day to this one…all night too.

Five Epica Videos on YouTube That Will Kick Your Butt - Butt-Kicking Number Two:

"Unleashed" -

This time, when Simone and her pals from Epica give fans a whomp-stompin’, there’s a valuable message. But don’t worry, it’s not Scholastic Rock. Not that Scholastic Rock wasn’t cool, these artists just shred like that. That message is given to help fans find themselves with their eyes wide open. Sorry to be so damned cryptic, but some things are good to come to “on your own.”

Five Epica Videos on YouTube That Will Kick Your Butt- Butt-Kicking Number Three:

"Solitary Ground" -

It’s unconscionable that our next thrashin’ and mashin’ from the gang of Epica only rate number three. Ironic, isn’t it? Eh. That’s where the author wants to put it. This page, being the author’s own value production, then this is where it goes. Great songs like this one deserve to be sprung upon listeners when they least expect it.   Keep it secret though, that this piece, can change your life.

Five Epica Videos on YouTube That Will Kick Your Butt- Butt-Kicking Number Four:

"Quietus" -

The vocal training, discipline, and endless rehearsals pay off for the band in “Quietus.” Tarja’s opera-trained voice, the band’s symphonic metal, instrumental skills shine through, and create a nearly hypnotic tune singing of what seems to be about standing up to a great and incorrigible evil.

Five Epica Videos on YouTube That Will Kick Your Butt- Butt-Kicking Number Five:

"Illusive Consensus" -

Dear readers, friends, and fans, fear not. The author has saved the best work from Epica, for last. “Illusive Consensus” is a ride for the mind, the soul, and heart. The energy, passion, and raw truth of our final performance of the band on the truth of love itself. Sometimes it’s better to lose a delusion, than to discover a “great truth.”

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Comments (3)

Very interesting group! I would like to see you interview them...

good article, I will digg it

i had not heard of this group before, but after watching the Youtube videos I really like them. Come on Epica please let Donald interview you.