Heal The World
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Heal The World

an article about MJ.

Michael Jackson's song "Heal the World" became an anthem for fans around the globe. "Heal the World" is one of my favorite songs because it speaks about the importance of spreading love instead of hate and violence. Children are models to live by because their views are untarnished with thoughts about bigotry, greed, and hate . Children are the seed of hope in the world because if we teach to love they will teach others around them to act and do the same. Michael Jackson knew the power of positive art to the world, and he wanted his influence to mean something record or ticket sales. His art reflected the true desires of his heart and creative soul.

The short film for "Heal the World" illustrates the need to get to a place in the world that is damaged by war or widespread violence. Children at times get caught in the crossfire of adult's many mistakes. Michael Jackson has been quoted as saying, "Adults have let me down, adults have let the world down."  Children do not come into the world knowing to dislike people for reasons based on race, religion, or sexual preference. If they develop these thoughts or feelings it is because they are influenced by the adults or people around them in their environment. 

"Heal the World" is a song about seeing differences and uniting together in love and diverse harmony. God created humans to help each other through peace and direct understanding."Heal the World" was not written simply to race up the music charts just to give this accomplished pop artist another number single in his string of many hit songs, it was written to inspire change and possible growth in every corner of the planet that Michael Jackson's voice and words were heard. He had one of the largest and most passionate fan bases in history, when he spoke or sang his fans took notice and did their best to follow the heart of the song.

Even today, "Heal the World" stands out to me as Michael Jackson best and most heartfelt artistic work. His sensitive soul is felt when a listener hears these wonderful lyrics and complex but simple message. We may not be able to heal the entire world, and all its many complex problems but we must try to heal our corner of the world.


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Comments (6)

A wonderful song indeed! Yet some people don't bother to heed his awesome advice. Now that Michael Jackson is gone. It is up to us to heal the world. Michael Jackson cannot do anything now. The responsibility is on US!

Ranked #2 in Music & Musicians

I completely agree!

Ranked #14 in Music & Musicians

Thoughtful write here, thanks.

Ranked #2 in Music & Musicians

@ Ron: Thank you!

Ranked #62 in Music & Musicians

I love this song; such an important message. Thanks for sharing this with us all.

Ranked #2 in Music & Musicians

Thank you, Sharla!