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How to Play "Heart and Soul" on the Piano

This is a step by step tutorial on how to play Heart and Soul on the piano. Heart and Soul is an easy song to learn for beginners and sounds neat.

Heart and Soul is an easy song to learn for beginners on the piano and sounds cool. The music was composed by Hoagy Carmichael and the lyrics written by Frank Loesser. Published in 1938, it has appeared in a number of movies and TV series. Here's how to play it!

Step 1: Place your left hand with your index finger on middle "C," your middle finger on the "A" note right below it, and your little finger on the "H" note right below the previous "A" note. 

Step 2: With your right hand, have it where your little finger is on the "C" note right above middle "C," and your middle finger on the "E" note right above the previous "C" note. And finally you want your ring finger on the "G" note right above the previous "E" note. When I say put one finger on a note above a previous note, I mean put your finger on that note but higher. In other words if I say, "And finally you want your ring finger on the "G" note right above the previous "E" note," I mean put your ring finger on the "G" note that is higher than the previous "E" note.

Step 3: First hit middle "C" with your left hand.

Step 4: Next hit the "C" note that your index finger on your right hand is on.

Step 5: Then hit the "E" note that your middle finger is on, and then hit the "G" note that your ring finger is on.

Step 6: Then move both hands down two keys so that your right hand fingers are on the "A, C, and E" notes.

Step 7: Then just do the same thing, but with your left hand hit the "A" note with your middle finger. Hit the "A" note with your left hand and then hit the "A, C, and E" notes with your right hand.

Step 8: Last, do the same thing again, but once again move both hands down two keys. So that your right hand fingers are on the "H, A, and C" notes. Repeat the previous run, and you are done!

Step 9: Practice! This shouldn't take too long to learn. It only took me a few days to learn, so good luck! 

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Comments (7)

Good article,thanks

Well done breaking that down for others to learn to play! Voted up!

Thanks everyone!

What is an "H-note"?? After "G", the notes return to "A" or, -are you European? (Europeans sometimes use "H" to signify a B-natural, while a true B-note on keyboard/piano is a "B-flat"...)

Sorry about that! :( Actually when I said, hit the "h" note, I meant to say, hit the "f" note. I was up late when I was writing it, so I guess I wasn't thinking quite right. :-D

If you have not yet joined Factoidz and would like to, then just go here to get started,

Good article. I learned to play this while in grade school only we always played it as a duet, which was a lot of fun. I wondered about the "H" note too. The factoid can be edited to show "F" not "H", if you like. Good job describing how to play the song.