Jamie Grace-God Girl
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Jamie Grace-God Girl

An article about Jamie Grace. She is a Christian artist who just won a Dove award for "Best New Artist." Her CD is burning up the music charts. She was signed by Toby Mac. Her first single features the former DC Talk, front man. She is barely out of her teens and she already has two albums.

Jamie Grace is the latest in a long string of artists taking the Christian music world by storm. The young singer-songwriter, who is not even legal to vote yet, very recently won a Dove award, for "Best New Artist of the Year." A Dove is equivalent to a Grammy in the Christian music world. She already has two albums released in less than a one-year span. Not bad for someone, who is barely out of their teens. Jamie Grace is quickly becoming a Christian music phenomenon.

Jamie was signed by music icon, Toby Mac. Grace's musical style is a  careful combination of folk, pop, and just the tiniest bit of hip-hop thrown in for good measure. Her albums are like instant happiness and inspiration in a jar.  Her first single featured former DC Talk front man and dream giver, Toby Mac. Jamie Grace's music brings something fresh in a world that sometimes needs a little fresh air artistically. Her youth and her joy can be felt throughout every song she chooses to sing. She has shown that Christians can express their love through  joy and happiness. Her skills as a musician can be heard as well. She plays both the guitar and the piano. In a world of mass produced fakes, this girl is proving she is the real deal. She is also a gifted singer and song-writer.

She is a musical poet. She communicates to her savior in unique ways that I have never heard in the same ways before. Her colorful ways of expression takes the listener on a joy-filled trip. This CD is on constant rotation in my world, because it is like an instant good mood pill, especially on sleepy Monday mornings. Christianity in her world is real and love-filled. She is genuinely happy, and seems to really appreciate life's gifts, and even the struggles. Her ballads are equally poignant as her up-tempo songs. She puts her entire heart out there on every song. Her emotional life comes alive when she opens her mouth to sing. She shows people that you cannot put love in a tight box.

Jamie Grace has become one of my favorite artists in any genre. She lightens my day, and helps me see the inspiration even in the darkest of days and times. So, go ahead, check out this great new singer who is making a positive difference in the music world.


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Comments (2)

This is the first I've heard of Jamie Grace, thanks for the info.

Thank you, Bethany!