Michael Jackson: Invincible
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Michael Jackson: Invincible

an article about michael jackson

Michael Jackson's last studio album when he was alive was called "Invincible". It was a 16 track album that was released in 2001. "Invincible" was hailed by music critics and sold ten million copies, but the media made it look like a commercial flop. On the album, Michael worked with other artists including everyone from the very talented Santana to the often controversial R. Kelly. He also so self-penned several of his own compositions on the tenth album. The album has a range of diverse styles from classic R&B to many heartfelt ballads. The subject matter on this album ranged from adult sexuality, to healing the world, to his often negative relationship with the tabloid press. Very few artists of today's level write or perform songs with such diverse subject matter.He had a vivid imagination and a greatly developed musical mind, and was able to create a vast amount of music masterpieces even if they were not readily appreciated by the mainstream public due to the harsh glare of the media's tabloid machine. It sad that we did not fully appreciate the scope of this man's artistry in later years until his untimely death in the summer of 2009. We should have respected him as the American treasure that he was since he devoted almost his entire life to his art form often giving up basic human rights in return like fairness or the loss of an entire childhood and adolescence.

Michael's relationship as a father was reflected in this album's work as well. He wrote songs about the joy of being a father. His emotional range on any given album is deep and very felt in every note of his music. He illustrated his emotion in joy, anger, lust, sadness, and feelings of romantic and father-like love. The album composed only two short films, but only one with Michael Jackson as its star. The short film co-starred Hollywood actors like Chris Tucker and Marlon Brando. Chris Tucker made several references to other Michael Jackson songs during the piece. The short film was over 13 minutes in length and follows the traditions of other short films like "Smooth Criminal." Michael seemed to love the old Hollywood gangster themes, and often paid tribute to them in his short films.

His last studio album was so full of depth and music range that it seems only fitting that it was his last musical gift to the world. Since his death, millions more people have discovered this album, and the artist and the true human being himself.

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Comments (2)

His was a sad story... but he was the most amazingly talented artist, who gave so much to the world. Really enjoyed the read!

Thank you, Ann Davey!