Michael Jackson's Most Controversial Video
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Michael Jackson's Most Controversial Video

an article about Michael Jackson\'s short film, Black or White.

The short film "Black or White" debuted on MTV in 1992. Millions of fans waited with great anticipation. The short film was directed by John Landis who Jackson worked with for his iconic short film, "Thriller" a decade earlier. The video showed Jackson dancing with a variety of different cultures and backgrounds. The video eludes to various points of history, and showcases all ages and ethnicities. The short film entertains the viewer and causes them to process the message.

. There was even a face morphing segment that was cutting edge technology for the time period. Tyra Banks is one of the people showcased in this segment.Jackson's dancing in this piece is at level of near perfection.

The controversy in this piece comes when Michael starts what is known "The Panther Dance" segment. The dancing in this section is just Michael without numerous background dancers or any music at all. Jackson's tap and interpretive dance skills are on full display without any distractions. The piece features some violence with Michael breaking windows. In later versions the segment was deleted from the short film, or the windows were digitally altered with racist slurs. Michael let out his anger in this creative manner which was socially acceptable and psychologically healthy.

During this period, the Los Angeles riots had taken place, and his own mother's car had been verbally assaulted by a racial slur. The pop star was also affected by a rare skin disease called Vitiligo, which his son, Prince, also has. Michael wanted to redefine people's thought process, and therefore the piece was culturally relevant for the time period. Art is a powerful medium if artists are not being able to be thought provoking or be able to self express frustration and anger or whatever it is they are feeling than what is the point of art at all? Michael had always been on the pulse of world events, and is deeply affected in his art by human pain in society.

This short film is a masterpiece and will be here for people to enjoy, analyze, or interpret in their own personal ways. Good art sparks conversation and with all the mindless image we see and talk about, the end of racism and hate is a vitally important subject to ponder. The short film is still deeply relevant for every part of the world today. 

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