Reeps One - New School Beatbox Father
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Reeps One - New School Beatbox Father

After reading this particular article you will know who is reeps one, what does he do, what did he win on beatbox stage, where does he gained that nickname you're going to watch amazing movies of him in ' action' and what is more important you will get more and more known in beatboxing stage, maybe you're going to start beatboxing because of reeps one like i did

Reeps One ( Harry Yeff ) is a New School Beatboxer, which is known for his Deep baselines. He is also recognized as a New School Beatboxing ‘ father ‘. Personaly he’s my mentor, I love to listen to him and my style is similar. He gained his nickname by his friend, reeps asked friends to find him a good nickname, one day his colleague said he should be Reeps One, he liked it.

Reeps one is a double winner of Vauxhall Beatbox Championship,  at the final he fought with hobbit for the first place. It was a tough battle . Nowadays Reeps have a lot of events, he was beatboxing in a small room ( acoustic ) and also on a Big Scene( ) , lots of people was watching him beatboxing. He was also at ' youtube stars london event ', Dubstep Music Awards 2011, Subrockerz, Hype Biringham and he will be on farmfestival 2012 you can buy tickets from here : .

Reeps one is also a visual artist, he do graffiti and lots of other things. On his Facebook page ( He’s adding things that he draw. He's usually drawing some sort of crazy animals and humans, with kinda ' stained glass ' style, people love his drawings, i can tell that because of 'Likes' on facebook. You will love to listen to him as I did. You can also get an inspiration from him again, like I did. Find him on youtube, twitter, facebook and be amazed.

Here is some videos of him in ‘action’








I hope you will get into beatboxing after reading this article, read my other articles as well go get into beatboxing even more, I’m going to share with my info about particular beatboxers.

Thank you very much for reading this! Have a nice day!

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