Sarah Mclachlan: Better Than Ice Cream
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Sarah Mclachlan: Better Than Ice Cream

an article about Sarah Mclachlan.

#5 Fallen is about someone who wants redemption and forgiveness but is cast away from the people or the person she holds dear. God is the only person that is on her side. People make mistakes and are not perfect, and the song expresses this universal need for love and complete understanding and truth. This song provides the listener clarity and comfort when they hear the lyrics and the beautiful melody. Sarah has an emotional gift to convey pain and vulnerability when she sings, it is like her inner thoughts and feelings lay bare for the world to hear, and make the song close to their own lives and hearts.

#4 Good Enough is about people who feel that they are never quite good enough for other people's thoughts and ideas. The song centers around a person who is in abusive relationship, but she cannot see that the toxin is affecting others in her life like her best friends and small daughter.

#3 Silence features the band Delerium this song samples new age and techno. It was also featured in the film, "Brokedown Palace" which stars Claire Danes. This song has a haunting feeling and sense of abandon that is both painful but evokes a sense of freedom. The background music combined with Sarah's voice feels like the song is a living, breathing element this going on an endless journey. This song matches the emotional turmoil and raw intensity of the film.

#2 Possession is another favorite. The reason I like Sarah's music she is not afraid to express emotions that are unhealthy, and she does not sugar coat relationships making her audience believe that shallow perfection is possible. Sometimes relationships are messy, passionate but unhealthy, and emotions can become blurry. Her vocal range is beautifully showcased in this song, and I absolutely adore that she lets her dramatic feelings have a place to go, or a creative outlet so they do not consume her with their range and pain.

#1 Ice Cream is my absolute favorite Sarah song because it takes something so simple and holds up against complicated, tangled situation. This song compares relationships to two comfort foods ice cream and chocolate.

She is a unique artist whose music will continue to be apart of people's daily lives, and will make life's painful pills just a little easier to swallow. I listened to her through some turbulent teen years and she was always a soft place to land when the world seemed to shake.

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Comments (4)
Ranked #17 in Music & Musicians

interesting article...thanks for posting

Ranked #2 in Music & Musicians

Thanks for reading. Happy writing!

great article Theresa. my wife-to-be Norma loves Sarah McLachlan and I can see why, she has an amazing voice and talent. thanks for sharing some info on her :)

Ranked #16 in Music & Musicians

She is an extraordinary talent.