Singer-Songwriter Sean Reyes Channels Punk Rock Roots for Second Single "Just Another"
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Singer-Songwriter Sean Reyes Channels Punk Rock Roots for Second Single "Just Another"

This is an article about Sean Reyes, a diverse singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada and his second single, which is called "Just Another". The official video was released on July 16, 2012, and as of July 21, 2012, it has already surpassed 41,000 views on YouTube. This song channels his Southern California punk rock roots while still using his raw pop-rock melody.

Ontario, Canada singer-songwriter Sean Reyes released the official music video for the second single off of his upcoming album Know Thyself on July 16, 2012.  Fresh from the success his first single, "All I Ever Need" had, which helped Sean Reyes top radio charts, win awards, and gain over 19,000 YouTube views, his new single called, "Just Another" has helped him reach an even broader audience.  The new single, which is called "Just Another", channels his Southern California skate-punk and pop-punk roots.  This mid tempo punk song can be compared to Dashboard Confessional's more upbeat offerings.  It can also be compared to artists such as Yellowcard, All American Rejects, Blink 182, Bayside, New Found Glory, and other artists of similar style.  Vocally, Sean Reyes still channels his raw ability to sing and carry notes as shown on "All I Ever Need", which was an acoustic, pop-rock song.

You can view the official music video for "Just Another" right here.  The amount of views for this video have already surpassed 41,000 on YouTube just since July 16, 2012.  Produced by Electrafire Studios, the video documents the message Sean Reyes portrays in his lyrics.  Sean said the song itself was written to describe the mind games people can play on each other, especially when feelings are involved.  Personally, Sean wrote about a female in his life that played mind games with him.  He was being played for a fool, but he stuck with her just wanting attention from her.  Sean talked about going the extra mile for this female.  She kept stringing him along, saying all the right words, pretending the things Sean did for her actually mattered.  Then, he hits the breaking point, coming to the realizing she does not care about him, and told her goodbye forever.  

You can see throughout the video where the girl will ignore Sean.  At the same time, she will think about other men, and go out with them on dates while still messaging Sean.  There is one scene in particular where many men that have been stood up at a date can relate to.  Between 2:30 and 2:40 in the video, you can see Sean waiting at a table for this girl so they can eat.  The girl never shows up.  Instead she goes on dates with two different men.   Both dates end up with disastrous outcomes.  At the end of the video, the girl shows up to where Sean and his band are performing the song in the video.  Sean finally gets to vent his frustration about how their relationship has gone as he looks right at her while singing the line "Because you don't care", then he walks away.  The girl is not too pleased judging by her reaction.  

His album, Know Thyself, has been completed, but there is not a definitive release date yet.  Tentatively, it is set to release either in late August or early September.  You can learn more about Sean Reyes through this article and by visiting his official website.   

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