Stevie Wonder: Songs Review
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Stevie Wonder: Songs Review

An article about Stevie Wonder.

Stevie Wonder grew as a Motown prodigy. He has been in the business longer than a few  of the young pop stars ages put together. As a song-writer and musician, he inspires the world. His messages of love and peace is felt through the positivity of his music. Whenever you are down, listen to Stevie Wonder it is the best mood altering drug. Here are some of my personal favorites.

"Hey Love" is one of my top favorites for some reason. Maybe it reminds me of someone special. Love can be beautiful but it can also be painful waiting for love to bloom.

I Just Called to Say I Love You: This song has become intensely personal lately. My grandfather died recently, and this song always makes me wish I called more.

I Wish is the perfect good jam that can put a smile on your face. This song always makes me turn up the volume.

Isn't She Lovely is the perfect song for a parent to express to their daughter. Stevie also sang this to

Jackson as a tribute.

As is the song that I would be played at my wedding because it illustrates the true meaning of love.

This is a short list of his many songs. If a person wants to have something great to listen to, you cannot go wrong with a Stevie Wonder. He makes every song sound classic yet contemporary.

His performance at the memorial touched my heart more than anything else.

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Comments (3)

Excellent review. I like his version of My Cherie Amor the most.

Great review also. And he's still going strong.

Great piece! I think we share music opinions, if you can review my music sometime in a Factoidz I would be glad to promote it on my qw website! - Cheers!