The Glitch Mob: Music to My Ears
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The Glitch Mob: Music to My Ears

A review over the group known as The Glitch Mob. Contains background info, information about them, and how people might actually know their song(s).

Remember back almost a year ago (A long way I know, 2010 was a while back), Tron: Legacy? The movie with all the futuristic stuff and the stunning actress Olivia Wilde? Yea, I bet you did. Now here's one thing you probably won't remember: the soundtrack. It's something almost nobody remembers, yet it makes the movie so much more intense. Well, the creator of that soundtrack was Daft Punk, a group you may have heard of before. Well, this group created the original score for the movie, and the OST (Original Soundtrack). Well, on April 5th, 2011, Disney released a remixed version of the soundtrack, and the first song you heard on that soundtrack was Derezzed, by none of than the up and coming techno group "The Glitch Mob".

Call it a long intro, but It's a detailed guide on how Glitch Mob gained some of its fame. I consider them semi-popular, and not mainstream, but then again, techno isn't very popular now-a-days. I actually did not hear about them through the remixed soundtrack, it's just how they get popular in the techno world. I actually got into them by clicking on a YouTube link on my cousins wall on Facebook. I saw Glitch in the title, figured some sort of Techno, which was fine by me because I was at the time hardcore into Dubstep and Techno. I started listening thinking Ok...this ain't to bad... then I started to hear the elegant singing of Swan coinciding with the instrumentals of the song and instantly I just thought, how is this group not more popular and blasting all over the radio? They're simply an amazing group and are currently, as I'm writing, on tour around the United States. I highly suggest checking them and their album "Drink the Sea" out. It is simply an amazing group with so much potential that impresses me very much. They're combined Synths and beats are out of this world, and amaze me every time I play their album. Heck, I'm even listening to them now. It's a group that just grows on you as you listen to more and more of them. 

Seriously, go check them out and buy their album, or look up their songs. You will simply fall in love with this group as soon as you hear their music. Below is the Album Cover Art

The album art cover for Drink the Sea

Glitch mob was a group that was created back in 2006, originally comprised of Ed Ma , Justin Boreta, Josh Mayer, Kitty-D and Kraddy. They're from Los Angelos, California.Their album reached Number 5 on iTunes and prompted a cover story on the three members by "Electronic Musician". "Drive it Like You Stole It", was the second most downloaded on XLR8R's Top Downloads of 2010 list. As of right now, they are touring around the country, going to festivals, events, etc. They are a group in Techno I would seriously look out for, because they will be big someday.

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