Why Groupies Are Destroying The (Indie) Music Business
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Why Groupies Are Destroying The (Indie) Music Business

Why groupies might cause harm to serious musicians and fans.

First up I will define groupies. These are women who just love to get in relationship with a musician for the fact he is a musician and not because they might like him as a person.

They are not the kind of people who love and care for others and that attent concerts and buy CDs wholeheartedly. No, they are the kind of opportunists that like to get backstage to make an impression.

Now some musicians do promote themselves open to these kind of women and mainly big record companies promote boys bands with an image to make teenage girls go wild.

In many ways this might be a harmless and most teenage girls do know they will never get in touch with their favorite musician. They might dream of marrying him, but that is it. They know it is a dream. The crash will not remain, the band will split and the girls will find themselves real boyfriends.

But groupies are not those puppy love teenage girls. They are women who like to get a musician for their own benefit.

Unlike the teenage girls, they are experienced seductresses that do know what they want. They also know how to attract man. Often they have the looks and the talent to go for it.

Bragging on their one night stands with famous musicians is what they like and that is how they make it in the magazines.

Now it is up to the musicians if they give in or not and to allow those women their minute of fame, but still they can cause a lot of harm. They might be go getting sharks, but they might hurt musicians as well.

Some might have wives and families and groupies might screw that up.

Also can they ruin the trust of a musician. Big artists might have bodyguards to keep them safe, but you also have the struggling indie musicians, who also seem to attract women who like them for their own benefit.

Those artists might have to get more personal with their fans and need their help to get around. They do not have the big money for promotion and need the support of their fans.

Now if some groupies sneak in and abuse the trust of an indie musician, it might become harder for them to trust female fans that do mean well and really care. This might hurt both parties.

Yes, when artists and fans work together for a while, fans might come to like the artist as a person as well. This is when a well meaning female fan might get in trouble.

The artist might lose trust and hurt her, because he has already had enough trouble with groupies and when he pushes away all female fans who do intent to be friends, people will end up hurt.

To end with a personal note: I never really liked groupies and felt that you should like a person for who he or she is. I always loved music, but never really cared a lot about musicians as people.

But I did encounter an indie musician I came to like as a person. But when I told him, he turned me down. Now, when I look at his attitude, I do feel he attracts a lot of the wrong kind of female fans and I know I am harsh on him, but I know my intentions were right and I often have the feeling I am bleeding for the mistakes of another.

Yes, I am hard on him, but I know he lost a fan and promoter in me and I still have a feeling I lost a friend and I wish things ended differently. He became some kind of inspiration to me, but not the kind I had in mind.

So I do not want to comdemn him. But I do not like groupies and I feel they are a real menace to the serious music industry and they should be dealt with, so other fans might not get disappointed as well.

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Comments (3)

I know all about this first hand, at the time I had no complaints about the groupies, but I do see your point, and very good points they are.

good points here. probably different in different areas too.

thanks for the nice comments